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Mariazell in the Vienna Woods - Cultural Mediation and Marketing

Between 2015 and 2017, with the support of the Leader Region Triestingtal, two studies on the feasibility of cultural tourism marketing in the Upper Triestingtal region were carried out.

They came to the conclusion that the existing ensemble of building culture and nature is unique and would offer considerable potential for cultural tourism . They also stated that professional management of existing cultural assets in connection with the establishment of new tourist infrastructures would have good prospects for balanced economic management and positive effects on the economic development of the entire region.

By setting up a museum (including depot and monastery shop) in (Klein-) Mariazell, for example as the main tourist attraction, to which a branch in the form of a treasure chamber on Hafnerberg and the other mentioned cultural assets in the form of thematically guided hiking trails can be connected, the creation of a leading tourist operation for the entire region will succeed. Through an intensified cooperation with the nearby Castle of Neuhaus and the Araburg, a new supraregional cultural and natural tourism hotspot with an impact throughout Lower Austria and Vienna could develop here within the scope of the Vienna Woods tourist region.

Based on these results and considerations, a strategy was developed that aims to implement the recommendations of the study on two levels:

>> Umsetzung von Maßnahmen zwecks professioneller Vermittlung und Präsentation der Kulturgüter
>> Errichtung neuer baulicher Infrastrukturen zwecks Steigerung der Attraktivität der Region in Form eines Museums in Klein-Mariazell und einer Schatzkammer am Hafnerberg

As already mentioned above, the wealth of cultural assets is so great that even before point 2 is implemented, in a first step in the professionalization of mediation and presentation (point 1) the same first increases in visitor numbers and thus also the first positive economic effects can be achieved. This also lays the foundation for further larger investment projects as described above. More than 10,000 visitors a year already come to the region. Our project creates a more attractive visiting experience for them and serves to attract additional people. Based on the calculations of the studies mentioned above, 25,000+ visitors can be expected in the final stage.

Specifically, it concerns the following areas:

>> Contents: Together with a consulting company, the orientation of the future cultural region “Mariazell in the Vienna Woods” will be worked out in regards to contents and strategy.
>> Mediation and presentation measures
>> Mediation of cultural assets , e.g. installation of information boards, open-air exhibition "Berglgarten", presentation of the works of Johann Bergl in the Basilica of Klein-Mariazell
>> PR measures such as website, presentation materials, printed advertising material, traffic signs


Investment volume: 98,000 EUR

With financial support:



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