Welcome to Our Community!

 We are a community of committed private individuals,  

  • whose concern is to preserve and convey the the cultural heritage in the upper Triestingtal,
  • who support this concern by a membership fee
  • or engage themselves actively with their ideas, their free time and their labor.

As a member you enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Free or discounted participation in events
  • Discounts when shopping in the monastery shop
  • Regular information about our activities

Als Stifter/in unterstützen Sie eines unserer Projekte: 

  • Sicherstellung der Finanzierung
  • Verwirklichung von visionären Ideen
  • Besondere Vorteile (Nutzung von Räumen, Führungen, Stiftersessel, etc.) 
  • Weitere Informationen

You also have voluntarily the following options:

  • Contribution to our projects
  • Contribution of ideas
  • Active participation in projects

                                                    We cordially invite you to become a member of our association!

Full Member

30 / a year

With your membership you help us to fulfill our tasks.

Free participation in all
club events
10% discount on 2 tickets for concerts of the Cellensis Festival
Regular information about our activities

Supporting Member

from € 200 / a year

By paying an increased membership fee, you express your special solidarity to our concerns.

Mention by name
on the website
Free participation in all
club events
Free entry for 2 people to a concert of the Cellensis Festival
Discount in the monastery shop 5%
Regular information about
our activities


(steuerlich absetzbar)

from € 25/ Monat

With your fee you contribute to the financial security of certain projects.

“Stiftskeller Klein-Mariazell“

Kat. I Fundator primus „Heinrich und Rapoto von Schwarzenburg“ € 119/Monat (€ 1.400/Jahr)
Kat. II Fundator secundus „Herzog Friedrich der Streitbare“ € 69/Monat (€ 800 EUR/Jahr)
Kat. III Fundator simplex „Markgräfin Agnes“ € 39/Monat (€ 450 /Jahr)
Kat. IV Familiaris „Cornelius Brentano Moretti“ € 25/Monat (€ 300/Jahr)

„Schatzkammer Hafnerberg“

Cat. A „Laurenz Petras“ 300 EUR / a year
Cat. B „Maria A. Elisabetha Petras“ 450 EUR / a year
Cat. C „Adam Petras“ 800 EUR / a year
Entry on the board of donators in the
building and on the website
Exclusive participation in the sponsor dinner once a year
Free participation in all
club events
Regular information about our activities
Cat. A: FREE entry for 2 people to ONE concert of the Cellensis Festival,
Cat. B and C: ALL concerts
Cat. B and C only: 10% discount in the monastery shop
Cat. C only: Free guided tour once a year with wine tasting for you and your friends
(max. 10 people)
Hafnerberg only: Entry in the baroque book of donators

Our Supporters

Supporting Members