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The former Benedictine monastery (Klein-) Mariazell in Austria has formed and significantly shaped a wonderful cultural and natural landscape over the centuries. What better way to experience this area than in the course of a cultural and historical hike, which partially leads along paths that have not been used for a long time?

This cultural landscape has developed continuously since the 11th century. This can still be clearly seen today in historical buildings, terrain forms and field names. In the course of guided hikes, an attempt is made to create a feeling for the growth and development of the cultural landscape from the high Middle Ages to the present day. Individual hikes are also accompanied by botany experts; the historical explanations are enriched with natural history knowledge.

"Classic" Monastery Hike

Starting from the former spiritual and secular center of the region, the monastery in (Klein-) Mariazell, it leads over the Schacherberg and the Klauswies up towards Nöstach. Historic farms, breathtaking views of St. Pankraz, Peilstein and Hocheck accompany us. The pilgrimage church on Hafnerberg, a former branch of the monastery on the Via Sacra, is the next cultural highlight with a short guided tour. After a break in one of the inns, we continue on the old road to Altenmarkt, the former economic center of the monastery rule. Its churches carry some exciting secrets that are revealed here. Then it continues over the Wiegenberg to the Schacher and from there back to the monastery.

Net walking time: approx. 3.5 hours | Total duration: approx. 6 hours

The Monastery and the Kaiserwald

When it was founded in the early 12th century, the monastery was also given the forests around it for colonization, whereupon numerous farmers settled. Starting from the monastery in (Klein-) Mariazell, you pass numerous farms that still exist today in the direction of the Kaiserwald, which was still described in the 17th century as a "thick and dark" forest, where the village of St. Corona am Schöpfl is now. At the end of the 17th century, wood-cutting families were settled there and forestry was introduced intensively, and a church was subsequently built near the so-called "Holy Fountain". After visiting them and a long break in the inn, you continue along through wonderful forests to the pilgrimage church in Dornau in Thenneberg. From there the return transfer to (Klein-) Mariazell takes place by means of a shuttle service.

Net walking time: approx. 3.5 hours | Total duration: approx. 6 hours

Hike to the Ruins in Nöstach

Nöstach is one of the oldest settlements in the Vienna Woods, its beginnings probably go back to the 9th century. Here was also the center of the rule of the founders of the (Klein-) Mariazell Abbey, the Schwarzenburg of the Haderiche, whose location remains a mystery to this day. Due to various circumstances, two churches (St. Martin and St. Pankraz) were built in Nöstach in the 13th century, the ruins of which are also the destination of the hike. The hike tries to investigate the riddle of the missing Schwarzenburg and to convey something of the fascination of old ruins.

Net walking time: approx. 2 hours | Total duration: approx. 4 hours

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