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Zum leidenden Heiland in Dornau, Thenneberg


Thenneberg 40, 2571 Thenneberg
Tel: 0664 2102970

Similar to the Hafnerberg, the starting point for the construction of the present pilgrimage church was a wayside shrine with a statue of the suffering Savior from 1637.

Due to numerous donations and answers to prayer, the Abbot of Mariazell, Jacob Pach, had a small chapel built here in 1764 with a dome fresco by the painter Franz Zoller. The theme is the adoration of the Lamb by the 24 elders as a symbol for the mocked Savior of the wayside shrine. The house of God was so popular, however, that ten years later it was rebuilt in its current form and decorated with a cycle of frescoes depicting the Passion of Christ. The entire church became, so to speak, a painful rosary made of stone.

A little later, large parts of the frescoes were painted over by Johann Bergl. Nothing of this can be seen today, as the overpainting was removed in 1962.

Bergl-Zoller-web01-klein Bergl-Zoller-web02-klein

Apparently they were not entirely satisfied with individual parts of the frescoes that Franz Zoller painted in the church in 1773/1774. A little later, the famous baroque painter Johann Bergl (1719-1789) was hired to completely cover his work with new paintings, especially in the presbytery. Unfortunately, they were not aware of the value of these overpaintings and they were completely removed in 1962 during a restoration. So today there is nothing left of Bergl's top work ...



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