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St. Martin, Nöstach


Nöstach 66, 2571 Nöstach

In 1273 a parish and thus the Martinskirche on Kirchenberg in Nöstach was mentioned for the first time.

In fact, however, it was probably a good hundred years older and was built as the own church of the von Arnstein family. However, the church very quickly came into the possession of the Mariazell monks.
It consisted of a tower, a small nave and a small choir square; there was also a charnel house on its south side.

The church was in operation until 1786, then it was desecrated and the masonry was sold as a quarry to a master mason. Until the middle of the 20th century parts of the nave remained, but were then torn down, so that today only part of the Romanesque tower rises into the sky.

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Gasthaus zum schwarzen Adler

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2571 Altenmarkt

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