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Hafnerberg - Treasury, Facility

Dieses Projekt wurde Ende Oktober 2021 erfolgreich realisiert,

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The pilgrimage church Hafnerberg historically belongs to the direct sphere of influence of the former Mariazell Benedictine monastery in the Vienna Woods and is therefore part of the region's cultural heritage

After a shrine had been erected in 1653 , a small chapel was built in 1716, which was located directly on the pilgrimage route to Mariazell in Styria. This chapel subsequently became a popular attraction for pilgrims, so that the Benedictines of the monastery ordered the construction of a large church in 1729. This was largely completed by 1745 with the active help of a wealthy Viennese family and, above all, the first large work by the painter Ignaz Mildorfer on the ceiling made it an outstanding monument in the Lower Austrian art landscape.

During the 18th centuryt the inventory of the church was enriched by numerous donations in money and in kind, especially by people from the Viennese bourgeoisie.

There are not only the classic votive offerings, but also valuable objects such as paraments, treasures or paintings. These are also excellently documented through historical sources such as a donor book created at the time or Latin annals.

The current project therefore has the following goals:

  1. Inclusion of these objects in the mediation of the Hafnerberg pilgrimage church as a total work of art.
  2. Creation of conservation adequate storage and presentation conditions in the form of a "treasure chamber".

Erster Meilenstein: Heimkehr des Sakristeischranks, 11. Mai 2021

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Total investment volume: 120,000 EUR

Realization: 2020/2021


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